WEE, World Entertainment Events, is a leading company operating out of Portugal, specialising in the design, planning and implementation of events.
Strategic, creative and global, WEE's core business is the design of brand activations, shows and large multidisciplinary events aimed at all types of audiences.




Getting to know our clients, their objectives, space, budget, ideas and expectations... This is our priority and the first step in organising a successful event. This is where our accompaniment begins and the start of a relationship.


For us, every event is unique. We develop personalised proposals for each client, from equipment and structures to decoration and costumes. At this stage your dream begins to come to life and all the steps and components of the event are defined.


It's time to shine! Here all the planning and effort comes to life, and an event is born. WEE accompanies you from start to finish, doing all the necessary management and ensuring that the whole event goes according to plan. Smiles, photos, joy and fantastic memories - that's how a WEE event ends.


CM Fafe

The success achieved was only possible thanks to the zealous work

of everyone involved. Aware of the importance of this event for all fafenses, and having evaluated it, we are truly proud and grateful.

City Festivities 2023

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